About me

My name is Nancy Lowe, and my mission is sharing the beauty of science.  Around the time of Homo habilis, I studied video and other time arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and was a mover and shaker in independent media and media democracy.  For the last fifteen years, I have focused on art and science collaborations. I have catalyzed, curated, and secured funding for art and science collaborations… for museums, libraries, universities, meetings of academic professional organizations, and other venues. My works of art about evolutionary biology have been exhibited in many galleries in the US and Europe. To encourage students to become better observers of natural history, I have taught scientific illustration and nature journaling at biological field stations, universities, museums and other institutions in the US and Costa Rica; I have also served as an arts integration teacher in public and private K-12 schools. I am a scientific illustrator and photographer specializing in insects, plants, and fungi, and I also make short educational videos about science. I have worked in several research labs on pollination biology, and microbial symbionts of insects, and large-scale ecology.

Some geeky little obsessions (as if this website isn’t geeky enough already) are self-organizing networks, swarm behavior, how architecture and planning can create community, ethnomusicology, anything wabi-sabi, independent scholars, and plant galls. I am a big fan of biological field stations as living laboratories for ecology and evolutionary biology, and as communities for intellectual (and, I hope, increasingly interdisciplinary) collaboration.

Contact me: sciencecandance (at) gmail (dot) com

Teaching at Nantucket Biological Station

“Contrivances,” a series about co-evolution

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